Voon Innovation’s origins sprouted from a casual dinner discussion at the Miss Voon restaurant in Stockholm on June 25th, 2020. With the people that met all experienced with the Snus industry and the Cannabis industry, in both the US and Europe, the topic of the discussion transformed to ”is it possible to make a a great Cannabis smokeless alternative?”

The answer was not a simple one. Traditional Snus, a form of smokeless tobacco inside a pouch that is placed under the upper lip – contains nicotine that is easily dissolved in water and absorbed quickly by the body since it’s a salt. Cannabis on the other hand, can not be dissolved in water as it’s an oil and is therefore not easily absorbed by the body.

Research & Development

Combining our knowledge from both the Snus industry and the Cannabis industry, we started seeking for a water soluble solution. After months of research, we finally came up with a unique formulation that incorporated CBD inside a pouch without any tobacco or nicotine. We then sent our formulation to a medical lab alongside market-leading CBD smokeless brands to compare the uptake in the body – or the bioavailability. The result was promising as our CBD pouch showed more than double uptake in the body compared to market-leading brands.

The goal was to create a highly effective product using a studied manufacturing process that not only delivers superior absorption capabilities, but solves the problems hemp oil and isolates present.


We have now developed a new system which we call ACDS (Alternative Cannabis Delivery System) where we, through engineering, modify our formulation and nano production technology to increase not only bioavailability efficiency but also user experiences. We use only all natural and safe ingredients in our formulations, free from gluten, soy and vegan proof.

People can choose many ways to consume Cannabis today; for example edibles and oil – where the body uptake is rather slow (up to 45 min) and smoking where the body uptake is faster (10 min). We strive for VOON to offer the same delivery time as smoking.

Our goal is to become a market leader within smokeless Cannabis and to become a natural choice for people looking for a smart smokeless alternative for consuming Cannabis such as CBD.